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Four years ago, today, I got to sense the Big City (NYC) for the first time. My first 5 minutes outside the airport were filled with emotions and questions. I wanted to somehow leave my luggage behind and wander the Manhattan streets.  I was so intrigued by this city ever since!

I didn’t know what to expect. I just remember waiting for about 2hrs in line at customs, shaking and feeling misplaced, barely speaking English with tons of questions I couldn’t answer. It’s been a tough, challenging, almost broken ( actually, broken for good for a while) kind of connection of my being with “ the Big City lights”.  I arrived confused, excited, in love, young, too young, restless and quite free.  A colorful girl with million dreams in her pocket, ready to start her life and confident that all will go as planned.  nyc lights

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Honey & The Moon

Juliana – Honey & The Moon

I have a love/hate relationship with this specific song.

I love the vibe, the voice,  the lyrics,  the beat and probably I can add even more “goods” to it than I can name through words. I love it in its essence and power of disconnecting me from anything I am doing at the moment.  My thought is on it and rides the same wave with the words and soft woman voice. It hooks me completely and I unconsciously start building my bubble with the first musical note.

Now you might wonder how could there be a hate feeling towards it in the same time with  pure commitment and connection?

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High Hopes


And then she wakes up in the morning and she feels her body so tight and ready to move like a roller coaster in stand by  waiting  to start its daily routines. Variety is  the roller coaster’s little brother but it got born in a routine and principles based world. So is her body. No matter how many types of people visit him every day, every hour or even every other minute they are all there temporarily. No matter how much welfare will it bring to them, nothing and no one will stay forever. They all get their ride and move to the next entertaining attraction in the amusement park. And they all forget about that one roller  coaster standing by itself somewhere in the corner of the park. It does offers packs filled with fun, enthusiasm and happy faces but will they remember it long after the ride? Probably yes or probably not, but most likely not.

Short forms of entertainment are most of the time put away just because there is no repetitive sequence followed to that passing activity, that one time ride. We, humans, live a repetition, similarity based life and what happens once, it just happened. It is less likely to be remembered unless, and she always points out well the exceptions, unless that one time ride becomes an exception and overreaches the expected vehemence.

Intense feelings could be repetitions’ enemy. Intensity is remembered because it gets all the best of us in that particular moment. We live in the moment with every little molecule and emotion our body,mind and soul, all together could possible produce. Anything we have will be wide-open ready to be used in and by that specific time. Yea, brain will carefully add that to „never-to-forget” memories pile. And it sticks there. No way to turn around.

Photo credit: a-choo in DeviantArt/Photography

Photo credit: a-choo in DeviantArt/Photography

And yes, for some, that one, forgotten in the corner roller coaster will be an exception and they will maybe come back or they will at least talk about it, think about it and feed their entertainment needs through it. It will then draw a sketch in ones’ life. It will make the time of their lives and it will bring them smiles when they will recall the ride. What’s up next? They will try to go back and feel the same for at least one more time. But then we go back to repetitive actions and once again, seems like even intensive moments recall for repetition. And when there is no sort of follow up, it will eventually fade in the same way the ride faded for those who weren’t lucky enough to feel the full spectrum of emotions the roller coaster might have had to offer them.


But then what’s up with her „non settled roller coaster in stand by”, type of morning excitement ? She just lets it go. Freely, she will let it fly off the open windows and let the rationality  settle in.

Press the „start” button and the euphoria and adrenaline will be piling up trying to fit into a small, kind of slim body. What is going on with the excess? The excess will find its way back when the morning reality hits one’s mind and soul. Soul?! Yes, that free intangible little unshaped foolish humans’ luxurious accessory, which seems to be always ready to pump up fairy tales in the night and to leave them somewhere far behind in the morning.   That morning shower freezes the soul and wakes up instincts and principles forgotten far behind throughout the night. Why you two , mind and soul, mess up humans’ life beliefs and morals? Way to kick us in the dark when the light just hits the windows.

Although her ride started the night before, more intense than she ever expected and broke the whole with that morning shower. Could she blame it on the shower? She could have but rather she blames it on herself for once again being caught up by emotions too intense to be handled by a small tiny human being. That did wake her up, not just for being ready to go to work but from her raw, long forgotten early morning dizziness. The smile faded when she started to put her clothes on and then she realized her ride just ended and she will have to get away with an exceeded temporary excitement.

But they say temporality fades away as quick as it happens, so she relies on that for the rest of the day and when the night comes, well.. the night, it takes care of anything and cures close to all emotional issues that ones might have. And then, it will all  be just another memory in the „not-to-forget” memories pile.

Back to dreams and new beginnings along with another day.



Morning shower?!






Un om ca oricare altul

1.2 . 40 minute. inceput. 45 min. rau. 55 min. confuzie. Un alt inceput cu o alta stare. haide sa zambim, sa privim in jur si sa vedem ce este diferit. Culori accentuate, detalii puternic conturate, lumini difuze, lume noua, un nou tu. noutate dusa la extrem, dar la fel de extrem constientizata. Realitate sau vis? Imaginatie sau existenta? A fi sau a nu fi? Intrebari ce nu-ti dau pace. Ce pace? Esti deja impacat cu ce se intampla in tine si pe langa tine. Intri intr- o stare de acceptiune a unei noi lumi, careia, desi, ii constientizezi inexistenta, ii multumesti pentru ca te face sa crezi ca esti acolo, in ea.
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A bag for a woman is like a permanent tattoo: once we do it, we carry it with us no matter what. Every time I hear the word „bag”, I immediately associate it with women.  When it’s something about bags, it is for sure something about women, also. It’s just mandatory to keep them together, forever.  Any forbidden break up between bags and women is an unwritten rule and not just in these days.

Going back in history, I read that the first style of bags was a worn around the waist and during that time (14th century) women used to wear it anytime, anywhere.  Besides fashionable, it was very useful for carrying money.  The same thing was happening during the WWII, in the early 1940s. Even if fashion meant war and the basic materials for designing bags such as zippers and leathers were changed, for women a bag was still unfailing. The only fact was that they needed to adapt to drastic living conditions.

Fashion was made by what war offered: austerity, censors, violence, poverty and new rules.  The designers’ were controlled by what they could or couldn’t do in their designs.  The new laws prohibited the designers to embellish bags or clothes in order to sell them. They were not allowed to put how many buttons they want on a jacket, to use fancy trimmings or extra pleats and stitching.

Because of the situation, the materials were restricted and the designers had to use restrictive ideas as well.  They had to come up with new materials other than the ones needed in the war, such as wood, plastic, rayon and some other synthetic materials.   How could fashion, actually, survived under such politics domination? Well, fashion is strong, adaptable and changeable.  Even if the whole war situation sounds depressing, for fashion it wasn’t bad, at least not that bad. The fashion designers didn’t stop thinking, to invent and finally, to create according to laws, what women loved and love so much: clothes and bags.

The shape and sizes of a bag were changed.  Due to the fact that women entered in the workforce, shoulder squarer and practical bags became popular because of the need to carry in more stuff and also, there was a new thing that you should never left it home: gas mask.

Image On the left, is an authentic Mark VII  gas mask bag ( known also as MKVII) made in 1942. It is a bag made from canvas with the purpose to keep heavy things. The bag was manufactured and issued to British people, especially for Londoners, for carrying their gas mask everywhere. During that time, they were worried that Hitler’s attack could contain poisonous gas .

America was less affected by the war and restriction using some materials was less harsh than in Europe. Here women could have had large squared bags, usually black, made from alligator, crocodile skin or suede.  (See below)


                    A teenage girl participating at war in US wearing black alligator skin bag

In 1945, when the war ended, the fashion crisis was like a bird with the door from the cage opened.  The designers’ ideas and products started to feed the fashion-starved women from Europe.  Their items were not seen anymore as simple, mandatory needs as used to be during the war, its became a way to show the success, social status and importance. People could be classified in social ranks just by the clothing and accessories they wore.

In the middle of 1940,  fashion designers wanted to extend the market to which they were  addressed.  They knew that not every woman could look fabulous in a couture tight long dress, but every woman could definitely wear a bag that makes her fabulous. So, the attention was focused on the bags and the designers brought on the market some eccentric and inspirational ensembles.  Shapes like birdcages, lips, flowers and picnic baskets, very popular in the late 30s, became designed again in the middle of 40s and continued up to the 50s.  Many designers were able to find and use crochet pattern. Hiawatha was one of the well-known and frequent patterns used mostly for handbags and hats. (See Below)



Many bags were beaded to have a unique geometric shape. In this way, women could have different bags for different uses and styles.  Jack Frost designed in 1945, various crocheted bags with fan shapes that pointed out the idea of „difference and practicability”.  We can name them the leitmotifs of the middle of 40s. (See below)


For 1940s the bags’ evolutionary continued to rise. In the late of the decade, the „New Look” collection of Christian Dior influenced the period and is still a big source of influence for contemporary fashion designers. He brought in his designs more femininity, elegance, opulence and wealth contrasting the wartime outline. He marked the moment when the military look was completely outdated.  Dior was inspired by the Belle Epoque (Beautiful Era), the period before World War I.

“We were emerging from a period of war, of uniforms, of women- soldiers built like boxers.  I drew women-flowers”. (Christian Dior about his New Look collection).    The bags weren’t far from the clothing collection. They were meant to show feminine mystery and confident in showing the own style.


(Dior- New Look, 1947)

The 1940s decade is by far one of the more influenced and important decade for today’s fashion industry.  Back then was New Look collection, now we have New Lock collection.  However, fashion will be there no matter how harsh the living condition will be.  Fashion industry is the one which teaches people how to adapt and struggle for better times.  Talking about women, a bag will make her day just being on her arm and holding her expected needs.

Iti este dor de zilele cu soare pe cer si soarele in voi si intre voi. Acele zile cand el era ceea ce puteai suporta pe tine, altfel vremea te topea incet, incet, cand tu il faceai sa gaseasca partea frumoasa din temperaturile aproape echivalente cu masura acceptata a temperaturilor corporale. Canicula. Canicula afara, canicula in suflet. Ardeai de caldura cand ii vedeai stralucirea din privirea albastra reflectand printre puternicele raze solare. Ardea de nerabdare sa-ti sarute ochii aceia mari si expresivi.  Erau zile in care se aduna timp, dar in care cu greu simteai trecerea lui.Te-ai fi oprit cu el intr-un loc si i-ai fi ramas intepenita alaturi. Odata cu voi, timpul.  ” zise mintea mea. Draga de ea.

De fapt, suspin dupa el, desi il am exact langa mine. Dar cel mai mult suspin dupa noi, cum obisnuiam sa fim, dincolo de cum am ajuns sa fim. Cer o zi fara discutii contradictorii, o zi incheiata la dimineata cu final bine cunoscut de amandoi. Dupa ea si alte zile. Cer ceva ce era normal pentru noi cand sentimentele erau mai jos, dar ne era bine, atat de bine.

Si am ajuns, astazi, intr-o camera de hotel intrebandu-ma unde si ce s-a rupt. Intrebari in jurul lui ” de ce?”, iar cel mai mult ma macina : „de ce iubirea nu e totul?” Ne putem declara iubirea la secunda oriunde, oricum, dar nu inteleg de ce nu e indeajuns si ne tot invartim intr-un cerc cu impulsuri negative de care pare ca tragem cu dintii fara sa le rupem.

Acestea fiind spuse, poate undeva prin aerul de munte voi gasi raspunsuri cat timp relatia inca mai rezista pe muchia de cutit si nu se taie in doua parti egale: eu. el.

Cum poti sa schimbi trecerea atat de facila a timpului cu blocajul in care timpul se misca incet, aproape deloc?  Si asta impreuna fiind…

De meditat

Campania DOVE

Brand name: Dove cosmetics

Titlul campaniei:  “The Real Beauty”

În anul 2004, Unilever a ieşit pe piaţă  cu o campanie la binecunoscutele produse destinate femeilor, Dove. Campania avea ca demers principal : “convingerea că frumuseţea feminină standard, 90/60/90, nu este bătută în cuie”. Anume, ei încurajau femeile să privească frumuseţea în diferite feluri. Astfel, Unilever avea în spoturi, printuri, bannere şi în orice altă formă de publicitate, femei adevărate sau cum ar spune englezii  “real women”.   Sloganul este şi el cât se poate de explicit  în vederea îndepărtării de stereotipul 90-60-90, şi anume : “Real women have curves.    Campania punea  în prim-plan femei care aveau câteva kilograme în plus, femei cu riduri, păr cărunt, femei cu forme. Femei.  Campania avea ca scop să schimbe stereotipurile privind frumuseţea feminină, voia să promoveze diversitatea, sănătatea, adevărata, naturala şi mai ales “sănătoasa” frumuseţe.  Un punct de interes  al campaniei era şi  modul în care fetele, femeile erau bombardate cu mesaje, imagini ireale şi irealizabile  ( acele femei cu forme fizice aproape perfecte şi chip angelic) şi cum acestea aveau impact asupra lor.

Campania Axe

Brand name: Axe Deodorants

Titlul campaniei: Bom-chicka-wah-wah

Sintagma Bom-chika-wah-wah era folosită în anii ˜70  în clipurile video cu temă pornografică, iar în limbaj cotidian este utilizată pentru a imita o întâlnire cu impact sexual. Ceea ce Axe dorea pentru bărbaţi era obţinerea unui “Axe effect”, adică atenţia maximă venită din partea femeilor tinere şi atrăgătoare, oriunde, oricând

Pentru Axe, premisa principală consta în  a face bărbaţii să fie cu un pas înainte în ceea ce priveşte întâlnirilor amoroase. În campania Bom-chicka-wah-wah se  are în prim plan, în materialele de promovare( printuri, spoturi), femei care pur şi simplu nu îşi pot controla dorinţele odată ce au simţit mirosul deodorantelor Axe. Acestea sunt femei cu vârste între 16-20 ani cu dimensiuni aproape perfecte şi o formă fizică de invidiat.

Pe siteul destinat campaniei, exista o secţiune numită  “ In your Area” unde  se afla o hartă a Statelor Unite, iar vizitatorii puteau alege un “hotspot” unde aveau ocazia să privească femei din toate colţurile ţării, femei care uitau de inhibiţii, pierzându-şi minţile şi hainele, de cele mai multe ori hainele.

Dove versus Axe

De ce Dove versus Axe? Ce au aceste două branduri în comun? Păi, este simplu, producătorul: Unilever. Aşa cum am observat deja, acelaşi producător pe de o parte spune că frumuesetea naturală este frumuseţea adevărată şi că atracţia fizica şi definită frumosului feminin este dincolo de aspectul fizic ( Campania The Real Beauty- Dove), iar pe de alta parte acelaşi Unilever afirmă prin elementele vizuale ( printuri, video, jocuri etc.)  că femeile tinere, frumoase, cu un corp ca pictat sunt cele cărora bărbaţii vor să le stârnească interesul ( Campania Bow Chicka Wah WAh- Axe). În apărarea sa, Unilever susţine că produsele au targeturi diferite, se adresează unor grupuri opuse de la sex până la interese, iar comunicarea se face, automat, în maniere diferite.   OK, accept afirmatia. Insa, diferite studii au arătat că femeile cumpără în proporţii mai ridicate cosmetice pentru fraţii, iubiţii, soţii lor decât cumpără aceştia pentru ei înşişi. De aici, deducem că target secundar, chiar si pentru produsele Axe, ar fi femeile. Aceasta  nu face decât să ducă la confuzia consumatorului in legatură cu frumusetea din campania Dove si frumusetea prezentata in campania Axe. Care este, de fapt, frumusetea adevarata?

Aceste două campanii pot afecta mai mult sau mai puţin integritatea Unilever. Mai exact, dacă “The Real Beauty” reuşeşte să elimine din stereotipurile legate de frumuseţea feminină,  acea frumusete prezentata si impusa de media,  “Bow Chicka Wah Wah” poate reschimba gândirea doar printr-un simplu mesaj sau o simplă imagine., pentru ca aceasta este, de fapt, frumusetea cu care suntem obisnuiti. Practic, ceea ce Dove ar expune, Axe ar elimina in cateva secunde.

Surprinzător este că, deşi, poate mulţi au realizat contradicţiile în promisiunile făcute de acelaşi producător, vânzările atât pentru Dove cât şi pentru Axe au crescut l-a scurt timp după lansarea campaniilor. Aşadar, cu îndoielile de rigoare privind transparenţa Unilever, strategia de comunicare a fost bine punctată, marketingul reuşit, producătorul fericit şi clientul mulţumit, sau nu.

In viata te lovesti de multe situatii, de la ce mai simple pana la cele inedite. Accepti, refuzi, ignori, mergi mai departe, stai. Treci prin toate, cu bine, cu rau, cu greu.Ti le asumi si continui.  Totusi, cand incepi sa imparti ce esti, ce ai, ce gandesti, ce simti, povestea se schimba.  . C-asa e-n viata, nu poti fi de unul singur. Nu as vrea sa ma joc in jurul „impartirii” in viata, mai degraba m-as juca cu impartirea-n matematica, dar o las pentru alt timp. Presez povestea pe o latura administrativ-emotionala.

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In the beginning, I just want to say „thank you” to my readers, I really appreciate that you read my stuff and I hope that you’ll still enjoy my posts and you’ll come back again this year  and next one and so on. Thank you, guys!

Here you have the review for 2010:

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Discutie de-o cafea

Ma gandeam intr-una din zilele trecute la timpul adunat langa o persoana. Langa o persoana  aparuta asa de niciunde, despre care nu stii nimic, dar afli cu trecerea vremii si care ajunge sa iti devina din prieten, iubit..din iubit, iar prieten si apoi de dragul vremurilor in care iti era iubit, ajunge sa nu mai fie nimic.    Evident, relatiile se schimba, dar totodata se atrag. Poli opusi, magnet, atractie plus minus.  Stateam asa la o cafea in mica mea bucatarie discutand cu un prieten, care nu mi-a fost iubit si nici nu o sa-mi fie, deci doar prieten.. ziceam, stateam la o cafea cu un prieten discutand despre acest dubioso-pur sentiment numit simplu “ iubire” si “locul” in care isi desfasoara el activitatile, numit “relatie”.

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